Coach to Coach (C2C)

Vokkero: The Vokkero C2C is the latest from Vokkero and offers a three channel system for high school and division 2/3 collegiate programs. No base station, up to 16 users, 3 channels and secure digital encryption.

Green Go:  The Green Go digital intercom offers an incredible amount of customizability. And with customizability comes flexibility!

Belt packs can store 32 channels, 3000 unique user profiles, and up to 250 user groups. A user profile represents an individual coach. User groups represent groups of coaches. Create a group for Offensive coaches, Defensive coaches, or any other group of coaches desired.

Quickly select any user to automatically set the belt pack to that coach’s preferred audio settings and channel assignments.

Each belt pack has quick access of up to 4 channels at a time with the use of its 4 push buttons. A channel can be set to an individual coach or a group of coaches. Each individual button may be set to push-to-talk or toggle for channel selection. 

Telex:  Telex is a leader in intercom systems and the manufacture for Footballs first Coach to Coach C2C) system. They have multiple UHF options that can provide solid communications for football coaches across the country. They also provide an excellent headset that is of top quality and sells at a very affordable price, and comes in single and double ear.  

Official to Official (O2O)

Vokkero: Are you a football Official? Would you like to communicate like the pros to help make your officiating become more effective. Vokkero is the exclusive manufacture of (O2O) for the PRO Football League officials and their system is used for all PRO Football games to assist with smoother communication among other officials on the field to others in a booth, along with league headquarters for replay and other needs.  

Coach to Player (C2P)

Coming soon for practice and live games!!

Official to Video Room (O2VR)

Want to communicate to the booth or off site for replay. Vokkero & Green Go are the leaders in this from Pro football to Pro Soccer

Official to Public Address System (O2PA)

RTS/Telex for the leader in Public Address Systems